dp2017-logoThis one-day symposium, held at the University of Oxford, will explore how the doctor-patient relationship has been conceptualised across different cultural contexts throughout history.

At present, medical humanities tends to be rooted in the schools of History, Philosophy and English Literature and to focus on practices and experiences in the Anglophone world. We hope to encourage an interdisciplinary and international perspective on medicine by inviting proposals from researchers working in languages other than English, and on areas of the world beyond Britain.

The practitioner-patient relationship is integral to experiences of medicine across the globe and is therefore a theme that resonates across the broad spectrum of medical humanities. We wish to create a diverse network of scholars working in the field and promote new avenues of research.

We will use the doctor-patient relationship as a springboard for debates about a wide range of socio-cultural phenomena, such as professionalisation, identity politics, globalisation, and the nature of medicine itself.

This one-day symposium is funded by The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH) through a Medical Humanities Programme Grant and the Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project Constructing Scientific Communities.

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Website header image: Wellcome Library, London. Available under Creative Commons.


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