Blog Posts

The following blog posts were written by those speakers who were awarded travel grants to attend the symposium:

Reports of the symposium

Global and Historical Perspectives and the “Architecture of Serendipity” by Katherine D. van Schaik.

Conference Report: Doctor, doctor: Global and historical perspectives on the doctor-patient relationship by Rebecca Fallas.

Research articles

How do doctors decide? by Katherine D. van Schaik.

The role of the doctor and the possible medicalisation of fertility in the Hippocratic Corpus by Rebecca Fallas.

In the run up to the symposium, we posted short articles about different aspects of the doctor-patient encounter.

‘Study Mankind as well as Medicine’: Representing the doctor-patient relationship in The Young Practitioner (1890) by Alison Moulds.

Quackery, Hypochondria, and Satire: The Doctor-Patient Relationship in Molière by Sarah Jones